David Jiménez.

Community of Madrid
University of Navarra
RM Editorial


In this photobook, edited especially for the retrospective exhibition of his work in Sala Canal Isabel II, some of the key projects that photographer David Jiménez has developed since 1990 are reviewed, some of them were published as books, others as exhibitions and audiovisual projections.

‘Universes’ analyzes the evolution of his creative processes and offers a journey through his imagery, built around the resonance of world phenomena and expressed with poetic images, presenting reality as a product of the intangible, the dreamlike and the magical.

PHotoEspaña 2020 Prize. Best Book of the Year in the National Category.

Photography: David Jiménez


Rafael Canogar. Greco

Rafel Canogar Greco catálogo

Luiz Zerbini. Botánica

Lacasta Design Luiz Zerbini

Tàpies in Zabalaga

Lacasta Design Tapies

Picasso Íbero

Lacasta Design

Signature Dishes that Matter

Bill Brandt

Lacasta Design

Joan Brossa

Open Studio

Lacasta Design

David Jiménez. Aura

Matías Costa. Solo

William Klein. Manifesto

Masterpieces of the Kunsthalle Bremen

Photography at MoMA

Rodin. Drawings and Cutouts

Lacasta Design

Mario Vargas Llosa



Among Others. Blackness at MoMA

Miguel Hernández. Complete Works


Marc Riboud. Possible Stories

Miró. Round Trip

L’Asie des Photographes

On Vegetables

Zóbel. Contrapuntos

Picasso. The Photographer’s Gaze

Zóbel. Contrapuntos

Room for Dessert

Picasso. Family Album

Páginas de Historia

La vida dos veces

Rodin. Inferno

And Fellini Dreamed of Picasso

Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary

Greco Journal


Touching Color

Albert Renger-Patzsch

Imprenta Real


The Elements of Sculpture

Gotthard Schuh