Rafel Canogar Greco catálogo

Rafael Canogar. Greco

Fundación Azcona


The admiration of the painter, sculptor and engraver Rafael Canogar for the great Spanish artists, and for El Greco in particular, has been materialised in the sculptures Greco I and Greco II. Over a period of five months, the Fundación Azcona has documented Canogar’s activity during the creation of the sculptures.

The book, which is a non-commercial edition, immerses us in the creative process and craftsmanship of one of the great masters of contemporary art in Spain, co-founder of the El Paso group and winner of the National Prize for Plastic Arts in 1982.

The book also includes a text by the renowned art historian and critic Tomàs Llorens, a leading figure in Spanish historiography and museography.

Rafael Canogar Greco
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo
Rafael Canogar Greco catálogo


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